Can You Bring A Nintendo Switch On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Most people buy a Nintendo switch because of its portability. It is designed so that it can be taken anywhere. As a result, the Switch is an excellent little device to have during those dull moments you spend waiting. That said, can you bring your Nintendo switch on a plane?

There is no problem taking a Nintendo Switch on the plane. Taking a handheld device on a plane can alleviate much of the boredom, especially on longer flights. When taking the device in carry-on luggage, it should be taken out and placed on a tray when going through security.

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Can You Play Nintendo Switch During A Flight?

If you were to have your Nintendo Switch with you without being able to play it, that could feel like torture. Luckily, you are allowed to play your Nintendo switch on the flight with no issues.

It is essential to be mindful of anyone sitting next to you, but for the most part, playing games on a flight is hardly an issue. However, while gaming on a Switch, earphones can make hearing the game easier, as the ambient sound in a plane can be rather loud.

How To Go Through TSA With A Nintendo Switch

Everybody has significantly different experiences when going through airport security. You never know whether you are going to have a pleasant experience or not. That is why you must know what to do beforehand:

  • Having your Nintendo Switch in a sleeve or a carry bag is an excellent way to protect the device.
  • The Switch should be kept safely in carry-on luggage until standing in line at airport security.
  • In most cases, the Switch will have to be removed and placed in a tray so it can be scanned.
  • Once the Nintendo switch goes through the scanner, it should be collected from the tray and stored in carry-on luggage.

Can You Bring A Nintendo Switch Dock On A Plane?

While it would be nice to play on a Nintendo Switch in TV mode rather than handheld, it’s not possible on a plane. However, the dock is allowed to be in carry-on luggage because it is small enough.

It would be best to leave the dock in a bag because once you take it out, there will be nowhere to use it, so rather keep it safely tucked away.

Can You Charge Your Nintendo Switch On A Plane?

The Nintendo Switch charger is allowed on a plane. Additionally, when it comes to charging the handheld on a plane, there is more than one option:

  • Bring the charger and plug it into the standard plug socket. This option is best as it allows the device to stay charged throughout the flight, which means more time gaming.
  • A power bank is another excellent option. However, it would be best to have a strong power bank with enough power to charge the 4210 mAh battery in the Switch. For example, a 10,000 mAh power bank will charge the switch Switch entirely just over two times.

Not all planes use the same plug socket. Therefore, checking which socket will be on the plane is a good idea. Remember, an adapter might be needed to convert the Switch charger plug to whatever the plane uses, or vice versa.

Can You Bring Your Nintendo Switch Controller On A Plane?

Like most Nintendo Switch accessories, a controller is allowed on the flight. Bringing this along provides better options for how to play the Nintendo Switch while on longer flights.

The handheld can be placed on the seat tray when using a Switch controller. Then, with the right sleeve, the Nintendo Switch can be positioned nicely, so games feel immersive, like playing on a little monitor.

Chances are, the Nintendo switch controller will not have to be taken out of the carry-on luggage when going through airport security. However, a sleeve to protect it while it is in the bag is advised.

Can You Bring Nintendo Switch Cartridges On A Plane?

One of the best and often overlooked aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that the cartridges are small and easy to carry onto a plane. However, if you are planning on playing a few games, all the different cases for cartridge might become bulky.

So, it is advisable to get a dedicated Nintendo Switch cartridge holder. Not only will it make carrying everything onto the plane a lot easier, but it will also make going through airport security much more convenient.

Can You Put A Nintendo Switch In A Checked Bag?

Technically, the Nintendo Switch is not permitted in check-in luggage. This is because the Switch uses a lithium-ion battery like most electronic devices.

According to an article by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), any electronic device that contains a lithium-ion battery is not allowed in checked luggage; it has to be in your carry-on.

It is advisable to follow that rule as it exists to protect all passengers during a flight. Lithium-ion batteries do not do well under heavy pressure or excessive heat, so they become dangerous in those conditions.

Can You Play Online With A Nintendo Switch On A Plane?

Most flights offer some form of Wi-Fi, so it is possible to play the Nintendo Switch online while on a plane. However, there are multiple reasons why it is not much of an option. Let’s take a look:

  • Although flights offer Wi-Fi, it can be costly, especially in the EU and USA. Read this article to find out more about WI-FI costs on planes.
  • Depending on your distance to whichever server you are playing on, you could experience excessive latency (ping.)
  • Due to the unstable nature of in-flight Wi-Fi, you will also experience a lot of package loss, which is, in most cases, worse than high ping.

It is far better to have physical games or to have them downloaded and ready to play. Needless to say, those games should be single-player rather than multiplayer.

Is It Safe To Bring A Nintendo Switch On A Plane?

Remember, The Switch must be placed in carry-on luggage rather than check-in., So, it will be on your person at all times except for a minute or two at airport security. Therefore, in terms of theft, the Nintendo Switch should be safe.

Regarding flight safety, It is advisable to only switch on the Nintendo when the plane is already in the air, and the seat belt signs have been turned off.

If you want to keep your Nintendo Switch on, it is advisable to turn off the Bluetooth and other wireless options.

Can You Watch Movies On A Plane Using Nintendo Switch?

It is important to remember that the Nintendo Switch does not support all streaming platforms. For example, at the time of writing this article, it doesn’t support Netflix, but apps such as Hulu are available.

However, unless the Switch is connected to the in-flight WIFI, movies will not be able to be watched on Switch. Even on YouTube, videos cannot be downloaded, either.

That said, watching movies on the Nintendo Switch during a flight is challenging. However, most airlines have pretty lovely TVs for each individual seat so watching movies on a plane has never really been an issue.