Can You Bring A PlayStation On A Plane? (through TSA)

credit: yay

If you are a gamer and enjoy taking your PlayStation wherever you go, you will probably want to take it on your vacations by flight. The concern is, will you be allowed to take your PlayStation on the plane, and where to pack it?

PlayStations are permitted in checked and hand luggage. If you pack it in your carry-on, remove all batteries from the remotes, and treat your console like a laptop. It must be removed from your bag at airport security checkpoints and placed in a separate tray for screening.

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Can You Take A PlayStation In Checked Luggage?

PlayStations are permitted on airplanes in checked luggage. Despite it being allowed, passengers are recommended to avoid packing gaming devices and other valuable electronics in checked bags.

Airport baggage staff do not handle checked luggage lightly when loading and offloading the plane. Your PlayStation can get severely damaged if it is not secured well in your suitcase. Checked bags can also get lost or stolen, and you can lose your device entirely.

Can You Take A PlayStation In Hand Luggage?

PlayStations are permitted in hand luggage, and the TSA recommends that passengers pack all gaming devices and electronics in carry-on bags for safety reasons.

Remember that if you pack your PlayStation in your carry-on, it must be in a bag that fits the dimensions of the overhead compartments in the cabin. The total weight must not exceed carry-on weight limits.

TSA agents may require you to remove your PlayStation from your bag and place it in an individual tray for secondary screening. They will want to ensure no bombs or dangerous items are hidden in the device.

Can You Carry An Xbox On A Plane?

Xbox devices are permitted on planes in checked and hand luggage and follow the same rules as a PlayStation. The same applies to any other gaming devices and equipment.

While you can pack your Xbox in your checked baggage if it takes up excessive weight allowance in your carry-on, you want to try your best to carry in your hand luggage to ensure it is safe from damage or getting lost/stolen.

Can You Pack PlayStation Controllers In Hand Luggage?

You can hardly use your PlayStation or other gaming devices without the controllers. Gaming remotes are permitted in checked and hand luggage but may require secondary screening with the console.

You are not limited to one PlayStation controller. If you need two or three, you can take all of them. Remember to remove any batteries from the gaming controllers before you pack them.

If you pack your PlayStation remotes in your checked luggage, always pack the batteries into your hand luggage for safety, even if they are not lithium batteries.

How Do You Pack A Gaming Console For A Flight?

Gaming devices like PlayStations, Xboxes and even the old ninety’s TV Games are not meant to be moved and shifted around. They get easily damaged if you are not careful enough. So how do you pack your PlayStation for a flight? Check the tips below:

  • Ensure everything is switched off, and remove all plugs from the sockets and cords from the console.
  • If you kept the original box, place the console with cords in the appropriate sections with the polystyrene.
  • If you don’t have the polystyrene, secure it in the box with your clothing. If you don’t have the original box, use any available box.
  • If you don’t have a box or the space for it in your bag, wrap the console several times in your thickest clothing.
  • Place the device in the middle of your bag and secure it with more clothing and other items. When you close, lift and move the suitcase, your device shouldn’t be able to shift around.