Can You Bring A Razor On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Whether local or abroad, most people prefer to travel with razors for touch-ups and grooming during their stay at the destination. A razor can be a safety hazard and might trigger security control. If you are about to travel, you probably want to know if you can bring a razor on a plane.

Most electric or disposable razors are allowed on a flight in carry-on bags and checked luggage. Safety razors are not allowed in carry-ons unless the blades are removed. Razors should be stored with the edge covered safely and in clear plastic before passing through security.

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Can You Bring Shaving Razors On A Plane?

Razors are generally seen as an item that people can use dangerously; however, they are allowed on planes. You can pack your razor in checked luggage and your carry-on bag. If you pass airport security control with razors in your bags, you will not face problems.

You can carry most types of razors on the plane, like disposable razors, electric razors, replacement blades, box cutters, and safety razors. Not all are allowed in hand luggage (more on that later).

Can You Carry Disposable Razors On A Plane?

Disposable razors are permitted on planes, and you will not have any issue getting them through security if you pack them in your carry-on bag. Ensure the blade is covered correctly and place it in a clear plastic bag.

If you don’t need to pack your disposable razor in your carry-on bag, you can pack it safely in your checked luggage. Again, ensure that you cover the blade well, so it doesn’t cut through anything else. You can pack as many razors as you prefer in your checked bags.

Can You Take a Safety Razor On A Plane?

Safety razors are also allowed on the plane, but only in your checked luggage. You must carefully pack it with the blades properly sheathed to prevent them from cutting into your other items or luggage bags.

The same goes for box cutters; they are only allowed in checked luggage. If a razor still has a blade on them, you will not be able to pack them in hand luggage. The blades are too easy to remove and are not permitted by TSA to keep in carry-on luggage.

If you want to carry your safety razors or box cutters in your hand luggage to assure their safety, you will have to remove the blades. You can pack the removed blades in your checked baggage.

That way, if anything happens to your baggage during the journey, you will still have the razor sticks and only need to replace the blades. Remember to store the blades safely in your checked bags.

Can You Take Razor Replacement Blades In Carry-On Luggage?

Razor replacement blades are allowed in carry-on luggage. Blades of safety razors will not be allowed in your hand luggage, but blades for other razors like your Gillette shaver will be allowed to pass through airport security.

Replacement blades that you pack in your hand luggage should be appropriately stored and contained so that the blades are not exposed. If you have a blades-specific container, it is best to pack them there.

You should also place your replacement blades and all razors in a clear plastic resealable bag. That way, they will be slightly safer, and if security needs to do thorough checks, it is more convenient for them to find and see it.

What Razors Are Allowed In A Carry-On Bag?

Since safety razors and box cutters are not allowed in hand luggage unless the blades are removed, here are some razors that you can pack in your carry-on for convenience or if you plan on taking a checked bag:

Disposable razors

All disposable razors that you can only use one to three times before you have to throw them away. Disposable razors typically come with the blade attached, and you cannot remove them; you must use a new razor.

Reusable cartridge razors

Reusable razors are the kind where you can remove and change the cartridge blade when it is worn out. When packing these, removing the blades and packing them separately from the stick is best. If the razor has batteries, remove the batteries, then pack them.

Electric Razors

Some people prefer only electric razors; if that is more convenient, you can pack your electric razor in your hand luggage or checked luggage. Anyway, it is recommended to pack electronic items and cords in your carry-on.

Whether you carry your electric shaver in your checked luggage or carry-on bag, ensure that you pack it safely and place it between a few soft items, so it does not get damaged (specifically for checked baggage).

You should also pack the electric shaver so that it does not get turned on by accident. Some electric shavers are cordless, and the switch can turn on with the impact of handling the bags.

Can You Use A Razor On A Plane?

There is not much reason to shave on a plane, especially with the tiny lavatory space. You should always groom yourself before flying or getting to your destination.

If you need a quick touch-up or have a meeting immediately once you land and you will not have time at the airport, you could make it work, but only in specific ways, for example:

  • Neatening your eyebrows: If you need to run your disposable razor around your eyebrows to fix the shape.
  • Quick upper lip hair removal: You have already removed your upper lip hair but want to ensure it is all clean.
  • Smoothening out an already shaved face: Your face is shaved clean, but you want to run the razor over to smoothen it further.

Avoid doing a full shave on your face or shaving your genitals or underarm on the plane. Even if you do it in the bathroom, it is still highly unhygienic for yourself and other people, plus the aircraft does not have proper plumbing systems if you clog the drain.