Can You Bring Shaving Cream On A Plane? (through TSA)

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When traveling, most people want to maintain a clean shave, by preference, for photos or during a long trip. That will require you to carry your shaving products, but as you probably know, there are several restrictions on toiletries. The question you probably have is, can you bring shaving cream on a plan?

Shaving cream in all its forms, except shaving bars, is treated as a liquid by the TSA. All creams, foams, gels, pastes, etc., cannot exceed the size of 3.4 oz or 100 ml and must be placed in a clear, resealable, plastic 1-quart sized Ziploc bag. Only one-quart bag per passenger is allowed.

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Is Shaving Cream Allowed On A Plane?

No one needs a dry shave; it damages the skin and can cause cuts and scarring. You also don’t want to use hotel soap or shampoo on your skin to shave. Shaving cream is necessary; when traveling, you want it to maintain your grooming.

According to the TSA, shaving cream is allowed on planes in checked luggage and carry-on bags. The shaving cream must meet the 3-1-1 rule if you pack it into your hand luggage and cannot exceed an 18 oz canister for checked baggage.

The 3-1-1 rule means that any items treated as liquid should not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml. They must be placed in 1-quart-sized plastic, resealable, clear bags, and each passenger is only allowed one bag. The bag also needs to be sealed at the security checkpoints.

Shaving cream is considered a liquid, so if you pack it in a carry-on, it must meet the TSA requirements. If you want to take full-sized shaving cream, pack it in your checked luggage.

Can You Take Shaving Gel On A Plane?

Some people prefer shaving cream instead of shaving gel. Shaving gel is thicker than the cream, so it can confuse people; however, the TSA treats all gels like liquid. That means it has to meet the 3-1-1 rule to be acceptable through airport security.

Shaving gel is allowed in checked luggage in full sizes if you can’t get a travel size one. If you aren’t carrying checked baggage, you can purchase full or travel-size shaving foam from one of the airport stores after passing through airport security.

Can You Carry Foam On A Plane?

Many people enjoy using shaving foam instead of creams or gel. Shaving foam is allowed on a plane, and a full-sized shaving foam can be packed in your checked luggage. Even though it is thick and foamy, it is still treated as a liquid by the TSA.

Whether you will be traveling for an extended period, don’t want travel-sized cans, or you have shaving foam that you would like to use up, you can pack that into your checked luggage. Seal the cap on properly to prevent the nozzle from pressing down and messing with shaving foam in your bag.

If you want to take shaving foam in your carry-on, it is also considered a liquid and cannot exceed the size of 3.4 oz or 100 ml. Even a full-size bottle with that amount will not be allowed, and security will confiscate it.

The travel-sized shaving foam must be packed with your other liquid toiletries in a clear, resealable, plastic Ziploc bag. You are only allowed one of those bags, and it must be able to seal properly. An open or overflowing plastic will not be permitted at airport security.

Can You Take Shaving Soap On Plane?

A shaving soap bar is an ultimate answer for anyone who needs to travel with shaving cream but wants to avoid the hassle of travel-sized liquids or save space in the quart-sized bag.

Like shampoo bars, shaving soap bars are the preferred option by passengers because they are solid, and according to the TSA, there are limitations on them. The shampoo soap bars do not need to be in the quart-sized bag, so you can fit more liquid items in there.

If you are carrying a shaving soap bar, pack it in a Ziploc bag or container to keep it from breaking, cracking, and collecting bacteria. The last thing you want is to use a soap bar full of germs on the precious skin on your face.

Can You Bring After Shave On A Plane?

Aftershave products go hand-in-hand with shaving cream – at least for some people. If you want to take aftershave on a flight and your product size exceeds the TSA requirements for liquid, you will need to pack it into your checked luggage.

If you want to carry aftershave in your hand luggage, ensure that the size of the product is equal to or less than 3.4 oz or 100 ml. Place it in a clear, resealable plastic bag with all other liquid products. The plastic will need to be sealed when you pass through airport security.

Can You Carry Shaving Razors On A Plane?

You cant shave without a razor. Why carry shaving cream if you don’t have a razor to shave? Unless you buy some at your destination, you should pack some razors to help with personal grooming and cleaning up.

The TSA allows razors in checked luggage and hand luggage. You can pack as many razors as you want, but you must ensure the protective covers are on the blades to prevent them from cutting through your clothes or, worse, your suitcase.

If you take your razors in your carry-on bag, remember that only safety razors are not allowed with the blade. You will be required to pack your blades in your checked luggage before passing through checking in, or your blades will be confiscated.

Avoid trying to shave on a plane, especially not with shaving cream – not even in the lavatory. It is unclean for yourself and other passengers. An airplane has no proper plumbing system, so if you clog the sink drain, it will be a severe problem.