Can You Bring Alcohol On A Plane? (through TSA)

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When traveling abroad, people may taste some delicious and unique types of alcohol. After enjoying the alcohol in a foreign country, they’ll likely want to bring some of the alcohol back home. However, can you bring alcohol on a plane? And if so, how much?

The rules on bringing alcohol onto a plane differ depending on the country passengers travel to and the airline passengers use. However, passengers may generally bring three ounces of sealed alcohol in their hand luggage and up to five liters of liquor with an alcohol content between 24% and 70% ABV.

Can You Bring Alcohol In Checked Baggage?

Passengers can usually bring alcohol in their checked baggage on a plane. However, it’s important to confirm how much alcohol a specific airline and the country they are flying to allow in checked baggage. In addition, passengers should pack alcohol securely in checked luggage to prevent it from getting damaged.

How Much Alcohol Can You Bring In Checked Baggage?

The number of alcohol passengers may bring in checked baggage depends on the alcohol percentage. Alcohol lower than 24% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) isn’t restricted. Alcohol between 24% and 70% ABV is capped at five liters. Passengers cannot take alcohol on a plane with more than 70% ABV.

Can You Bring Alcohol In Hand Luggage?

While it may surprise some, passengers can bring alcohol in their hand luggage on a plane. However, alcohol packed in hand luggage must be packaged correctly and according to airline regulations.

How Much Alcohol Can You Bring In Hand Luggage?

Again, airline regulations determine how much alcohol passengers can bring on a plane. In most cases, however, passengers can bring a maximum of 3-ounce bottles of alcohol. In addition, the alcohol must fit in a quart-sized releasable bag.

How Do You Package Alcohol When Bringing It On A Plane?

Checked baggage must be packaged securely to prevent it from breaking or spilling. Any alcohol passengers bring in hand luggage must be packed in a clear, sealable quart-sized bag to prevent spillage. All alcohol a passenger brings on a plane must be in sealed bottles.

Can You Bring Duty-Free Alcohol On A Plane?

Passengers are allowed to buy alcohol duty-free once they go through customs. However, in this case, they are restricted to five liters of alcohol with alcohol percentages between 24% and 70% ABV. In addition, the alcohol must be in a tamper-evident clear bag, and passengers must keep the receipts.

Wine store at Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International Airport in the UAE
Yay Wine store at Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International Airport in the UAE

Can You Bring Wine On A Plane?

Unfortified wine has less than 24% ABV, while fortified wine has up to 25% ABV. Therefore, passengers aren’t limited in the amount of unfortified wine they can bring in their checked luggage. Passengers can also bring up to five liters of fortified wine in their checked baggage.

Can You Bring Beer On A Plane?

Most beers have an alcohol content of approximately 5% ABV. This means that passengers aren’t restricted when packing beer in their checked luggage. Additionally, they can bring 3-ounce containers of sealed beer in their hand luggage and may purchase duty-free beer.

Can You Bring Hard Liquor On A Plane?

Hard liquor differs greatly depending on the type of alcohol. However, most distilled alcohol has an alcohol percentage of about 40% ABV. Therefore, passengers are limited to five liters of hard liquor in their checked baggage. They can also bring five liters of duty-free alcohol.

Can You Bring Home-Brewed Alcohol On A Plane?

Unfortunately, passengers aren’t allowed to bring any home-brewed alcohol on a plane. This is because the alcohol percentage of home-brewed alcohol isn’t indicated on the bottles. In addition, home-brewed alcohol doesn’t come in sealed bottles. Therefore, passengers cannot bring home-brewed alcohol on any part of the plane.

Do You Pay Taxes On Alcohol You Bring On A Plane?

The laws regarding taxes and duties on alcohol differ between countries and states. Therefore, passengers are encouraged to check their home country’s customs and border protection website to see their taxes and duties. In the USA, passengers may be required to pay some customs taxes.

Can You Drink Your Own Alcohol On A Plane?

Passengers aren’t allowed to drink their own alcohol on a plane. The alcohol must remain sealed for the entire trip, and passengers aren’t allowed to tamper with or open the alcohol on the flight or in an airport on their way to the next destination.

How Much Do Your Pay To Bring Alcohol On A Plane To The USA?

When bringing alcohol into the USA, passengers may be expected to pay a small fee for the liquor. However, duty officers often don’t claim the taxes on alcohol brought in on a plane as the amounts are so small. Passengers must declare any alcohol they bring on a plane.

Can You Travel With Open Alcohol On A Plane?

As mentioned, passengers are never allowed to travel with open alcohol on a plane. Any alcohol passengers bring in their hand luggage or checked luggage must be sealed. Duty-free alcohol must be in a tamper-evident clear bag, and the bag must be sealed by the salesclerks when buying it.

Should All Alcohol Be Kept In A Tamper Evident Bag?

Passengers don’t have to place all the alcohol they’re traveling with in tamper-evident bags. The only alcohol that must be kept in tamper-evident bags is the bottles passengers purchase duty-free. What’s important is that any alcohol passengers bring onto a plane is sealed and stored correctly.

Can Anyone Bring Alcohol On A Plane?

Any passenger that may legally consume alcohol can bring alcohol on a plane. Minors or people who aren’t allowed to consume alcohol in the country they are traveling to are not allowed to travel with alcohol. They are also prohibited from buying alcohol at an airport’s duty-free section.

How Much Alcohol Can One Person Bring On A Plane?

Each passenger may bring one quart-sized bag with 3-ounce bottles of alcohol in their hand luggage. They can also bring 5 liters of alcohol in their checked baggage. This is the limitation of alcohol for one person, and it is the same for passengers traveling in first class or economy class.

Is Alcohol Served On A Plane?

It depends on the airline and country. However, most airlines offer some alcoholic beverages, such as wine or coolers, to passengers during afternoon and evening flights. Some airlines offer a wider selection of alcohol than others. In addition, some airlines have a wider variety of alcohol available to their first-class passengers.