Can You Bring Wine On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Wondering if you may bring wine on a plane? Traveling through the French countryside or the Roman Colosseum might also mean you can taste some of the best wine in the world. But, of course, you want to bring some of this delicious wine home. But can you bring wine on a plane?

You can travel with wine on a plane in your hand luggage and checked baggage. Wine in your hand luggage must adhere to the 3-1-1 rules of flying, while there isn’t a restriction on the wine you bring in your checked baggage on a plane. You can also purchase wine duty-free when flying.

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Can You Bring Wine In Your Hand Luggage?

You can bring wine in your hand luggage. However, as wine is a liquid, it must adhere to TSA’s 3-1-1 flying rules. You may not have more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) of wine per bottle. The wine must be packed in a quart-sized sealable bag, like a zip lock bag.

Each passenger may only carry one quart-sized bag in their hand luggage. In addition, the wine you bring in your hand luggage must be sealed, meaning that you cannot bring open bottles in your hand luggage.

Can You Bring Wine In Your Checked Baggage?

You can also bring wine in your checked baggage. As wine usually has an alcohol content of 14%, you can bring as much wine as you want in your checked baggage. According to the airline’s guidelines, the only restriction is the maximum weight your checked baggage may be.

Remember to pack your wine securely in your checked baggage. Try packing it in the middle and wrapping it in soft clothes or fabrics. Because your checked bags often get handled roughly, it’s best to ensure the wine is protected while traveling. Also, wrap your wine in a waterproof bag.

Can You Buy Wine Duty-Free?

Fortunately, you can also buy wine duty-free and bring it on the plane in addition to your hand luggage. The wine you buy duty-free does not have to comply with TSA’s 3-1-1 rules when flying. However, there are other conditions when flying with wine bought duty-free.

First, you are limited to 4 liters of wine when buying it duty-free. Furthermore, the wine you buy at customs must be placed in a tamper-evident bag to ensure the wine isn’t opened. You may not bring open wine on a plane, even if you bought it duty-free.

Finally, as you may generally only bring duty-free items on one flight, we recommend waiting until your final flight to buy the duty-free wine.

If not, you must put the wine in your checked baggage for the remaining flights. Also, keep the receipt of the wine so security can check when and where you bought the wine.

Can You Bring Homemade Wine On A Plane?

The rules for traveling with homemade wine are more relaxed in some countries than others. However, as you must be able to prove the alcohol content of the wine, we recommend leaving your homemade wine behind when flying.

All wine you bring on a plane must be in a sealed bottle. Therefore, you may potentially face problems when bringing homemade wine on a plane. If you want to bring homemade wine on a plane, we recommend checking your airline’s policies first.

Do You Pay Taxes On Duty-Free Wine

You may be expected to pay some taxes on the wine you bring into your home country. However, the tax rates depend on your country. In addition, you might be expected to pay additional taxes and fees on any alcohol you bought duty-free.

However, depending on your country and the security officers, these taxes may be charged or left. For example, the taxes payable for alcohol are so small that they are often aren’t charged. However, that call is up to your customs officer.

Can You Drink Wine On A Plane?

Many airlines offer a glass of wine during a flight. Feel free to consume this wine while flying. However, you aren’t allowed to open, or consume, any of your alcohol on a flight. This is against TSA regulations. You also cannot open or drink wine bought duty-free on a plane.

Suppose the airport security officers suspect you opened your duty-free wine on the plane or before clearing customs. In that case, they will not allow you to bring the duty-free wine into the country. This is why duty-free wine is kept in a tamper-evident bag.

How Do You Bring Wine Through TSA?

If your wine is unopened and adheres to the TSA’s flying rules, you shouldn’t have any problems bringing the wine through TSA. However, you may be asked to scan your wine separately while going through security. In addition, airport security may further inspect the wine if they suspect it has been tampered with.

While going through TSA, you might also have to pay the taxes or fees charged on alcohol you bring into the country. However, suppose you adhere to all the rules and are willing to pay the necessary fees. In that case, you shouldn’t have problems bringing the wine through TSA and airport security.

Should You Declare Wine At Airport Security?

Because you aren’t restricted to the amount of wine you can bring through airport security, you don’t have to declare the wine in your checked baggage. However, you must declare wine that you bought duty-free as it is subject to taxes and fees.

Furthermore, if you bring wine from a foreign country, you may also be charged a tax rate of 3% if it is more than 1 liter of wine. If airport security inspects your checked baggage, you may also be required to pay taxes on that wine.

Can You Bring Wine Into The USA?

You can bring wine into the USA. When flying internationally, there are certain limitations on how much wine you can bring tax-free into the country. However, you don’t pay taxes on wine when flying domestically or coming from Hawaii, the U.S Virgin Islands, or Caribbean countries.

Can You Bring Wine Into Europe?

You can bring wine into Europe, provided it is for non-commercial use. Each passenger may bring 4 liters of non-sparkling wine and 2 liters of sparking wine into Europe. Again, you must be of legal drinking age to travel with wine.

Furthermore, you can also buy wine duty-free and bring that to Europe. However, anyone bringing alcohol into Europe must also be of legal drinking age.

Can Anyone Bring Wine On A Plane?

To bring alcohol on a plane, you must be at least of legal age. Minors aren’t allowed to travel with alcohol, even if it is a gift. Ensure you are over the legal drinking age in the country you are traveling to and any countries you may pass through.