Can You Bring CBD On A Plane? (through TSA)

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CBD and THC legalization is progressing at a rapid rate across the world. Within the U.S., travelers may have become so accustomed to CBD’s legality throughout most of the country that they may forget that strict rules still apply to travel via plane. 

It is legal to bring CBD on a U.S. flight to and from states that have legalized the use of CBD products. CBD products can be placed in a carry-on or checked-in baggage. Plane travel with CBD to Europe and the U.K. is allowed, provided the guidelines are followed.

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Can You Bring CBD Through TSA?

Per the Transport and Security Administration (TSA), a traveler is generally allowed to bring CBD-based products on a flight; however, restrictions apply. 

The percentage of THC present in a CBD oil, cream, or gummy can vary from product to product, but when traveling, it is essential that whatever CBD product a traveler has contains no more than 0.3% of THC. Fortunately, in the U.S., most commercial products adhere to this guideline. 

Provide Proof That The CBD Contains Limited Amounts Of THC

Unfortunately, misunderstandings with airport security are not uncommon, so it is best to do everything possible to avoid any confusion with a TSA agent. TSA agents cannot determine the amount of THC in a CBD product and require proof from an official test.

When a TSA agent does not like the look of a CBD product, a traveler should have an official printed document that contains the list of ingredients and THC concentration. Companies that sell CBD products perform such tests, which can be found easily on the company’s website.

If a passenger wants to bring homemade CBD (whether in oil, cream, or some other form), they should go through the effort of having it officially tested for THC content. This will save them from a potentially bad time with TSA agents and law enforcement officials.

Can You Fly With CBD All Over The U.S.?

American residents or people traveling within the U.S. must be aware that, though CBD and THC are legalized in several states, some states still ban CBD, even if it contains no THC. Getting caught in these states is punishable by law.

Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota have banned CBD entirely, no matter its form. 

It should be noted that, though the other U.S. states allow travel with CBD, some have unique requirements and restrictions regarding the form of CBD used for travel. Travelers are responsible for doing their research and making sure they are not breaking any rules before travel. 

Can You Bring CBD In Your Carry On A Domestic Flight?

For various reasons, like the stress of flying or the fear of losing belongings, travelers wish to bring their CBD on the plane. Fortunately, they are allowed to do so. 

CBD can come in various forms, from oils and vape fluid to creams and gummy bears. Regarding plane travel, CBD products must respect the same guidelines as other products. When the CBD is in liquid form or cream, it must be less than 3.4oz.

Travelers who wish to bring CBD in liquid form that is in a bigger container have to store it in their check-in luggage which is permitted.

What Is the Best Form Of CBD For Plane Travel?

For the most part, restrictions for travel with CBD remain quite loose. However, some states, like California, Georgia, and Michigan, impose specific rules, such as not allowing travelers to bring CBD in the form of food or beverage. Travelers should plan well when traveling to these states.

CBD comes in various forms, as there is no shortage of creativity. So long as passengers have proof that their CBD contains limited amounts of THC and that they are traveling to a state that does not have specific restrictions, they can bring their CBD in their preferred form.

It is not advised to bring CBD to the airport in flower or resin form, as these forms of CBD can attract the wrong kind of attention. Even if the CBD product follows the guidelines for travel, a traveler may spend more time with airport security than they want.

Can You Take CBD In The Plane?

Some people need to take CBD while flying to promote relaxation, ease anxiety, or treat medical conditions. 

If a traveler is flying from or going to a state that allows CBD on planes (all states except three), they may ingest their CBD on the plane while flying. 

When Should You Take CBD On A Plane?

CBD can already be taken a few hours before takeoff for those who like to take CDB with food or drinks. Generally, if a flight is just a few hours long, a passenger can ingest CBD oil sublingually about half an hour before takeoff. 

For longer flights, or depending on the person’s reaction to CBD, passengers can ingest CBD while the plane is airborne. 

People who enjoy vaping, they should do so (about an hour) before the flight; however, they should not vape on board as it counts as smoking which is prohibited.

Can You Travel With CBD On A Plane In Europe?

The possession and transport of CBD products are legal in Europe, so as long as passengers on planes carry their CBD in a manner that follows Europe’s specific guidelines, travelers have nothing to worry about. 

Certain countries limit the percentage of THC allowed in a CBD product when traveling. Travelers should check for such specifications before traveling to those countries.

Again, although it is not illegal, travelers should try to avoid bringing their CBD products in plant or resin form, as there is the potential of attracting unwanted attention from a sniffing dog or airport security officer. 

Can You Travel In A Plane With CBD In The U.K.?

Much like in the U.S. and Europe, travel via plane in the U.K. with CBD is allowed in check-in luggage and carry-ons. CBD products cannot contain more than 0.2% of THC. 

Much like in other countries of the world, there are strict rules to be followed regarding liquids, gels, and creams. Travelers should be prepared to adhere to these rules in the U.K. 

Can You Travel With CBD On An International Flight?

When traveling with CBD internationally, things can get tricky, so research must be done before getting to the airport. Many countries still consider CBD an illegal drug, while others allow it but with strict restrictions.

For example, most Asian countries have banned CBD altogether, but India, South Korea, and Thailand allow passengers to arrive with CBD in their luggage, but with specific restrictions. 

If it is unclear whether it is okay to bring CBD on a flight, the best thing to do is to check with the airline if they are fine with a passenger traveling with CBD and whether the destination allows it.