Can You Bring Cheese On A Plane? (through TSA)

credit: Yay

Cheese is like a life companion – a food companion. It’s great with everything, and the varieties never fail you. Some world destinations have unique cheeses, and you might want to purchase some to take on your travels, but can you take cheese on a plane?

Solid cheese is allowed in checked and hand luggage without limitations. Soft cheeses and any types containing liquid must be 3.4 oz/100 ml or less. Spreadable cheese and dips follow the liquid rule and cannot exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml. Spray can cheese is not allowed in checked or hand luggage.

Can You Take Solid Cheese On A Plane?

The TSA permits passengers to pack solid cheese on a plane. Whether it is cheddar, gouda, or any of your favorite hard cheeses, you can carry it in checked or hand luggage. You are not limited on the size or number of solid cheese you are allowed to take.

Remember that if you pack cheese with ice packs in your carry-on bags, the ice packs must be frozen solid when you pass airport security checkpoints. If they are melted or partially frozen, you must remove them or ensure they do not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

Can You Take Soft Cheese On A Plane?

The TSA on planes permits soft cheese, such as brie, camembert, chevre, mozzarella, etc. You can pack soft cheese in checked baggage without restriction, but there are guidelines for carrying soft cheese in your carry-on bag.

The TSA treats soft cheese as a liquid and must follow the 3-1-1 rule. That means you cannot carry soft cheese that is more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your hand luggage. If you want to take more, pack it in your checked baggage.

Can You Carry Frozen Cheese On A Plane?

Any type of frozen solid cheese will be permitted on planes in checked luggage and carry-on bags. There will also be no restrictions on carrying soft, creamy cheeses if they are frozen solid in your hand luggage.

Remember that the cheese must be fully frozen when passing airport security checkpoints. That also includes any ice packs you might have. If it is partially frozen or melted, it will only be allowed if it does not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

Can You Take Feta Cheese On A Plane?

Feta cheese often fits in the soft cheese category; however, if the liquid it sits in is similar to fresh mozzarella or halloumi cheese, it will only be allowed in your checked baggage. The TSA recommends packing feta and cheese containing liquid in checked bags only.

If you must pack your feta cheese in your hand luggage, ensure it is per the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule. That means the container size cannot exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml and must be placed in your quart-sized clear, resealable plastic with other carry-on liquid items.

Can You Take Vacuum-Sealed Cheese On A Plane?

Vacuum-sealed cheese packs are allowed in checked luggage, whether it contains a bit of liquid or not. There are no limits on carrying vacuum-sealed cheese on a plane in your checked bags.

Vacuum-sealed hard cheese is also allowed in carry-on bags without restrictions. The liquid rule still applies to soft cheese even if it is vacuum sealed for hand luggage. The cheese should not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

Packing vacuum-sealed cheese is an excellent option if you want to carry soft or creamy cheese types in hand luggage. You can weigh them to fit the liquid requirements and ensure they are sealed and compact to pack in your quart-sized bags if needed.

Can You Take Spray Can Cheese On A Plane?

The TSA does not permit spray can cheese in checked luggage or carry-on bags on a plane. A passenger once asked the TSA on Twitter if he could carry spray cheese in a can, and they replied, saying it is not allowed even if decanted and frozen.

While you probably understand that pressurized cans are a risk for planes, many people don’t understand why some products like deodorant are allowed but not food items like cheese. It is also confusing to know that decanting and freezing the spray can cheese is not permitted.

Some passengers might still try to get their spray cheese cans through in checked luggage, but it is highly recommended that you obey the TSA and airline rules. If caught, you could face major problems.

Can You Carry Spreadable Cheese On A Plane?

Spreadable cheese, like cream cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, cheese dips, etc., is permitted on planes in checked luggage and hand baggage. As with other soft cheeses, you are not limited to how much you can carry in your checked bags.

The hand luggage liquid rule applies to spreadable and creamy cheeses. That means no amount above 3.4 oz or 100 ml will be allowed to pass through airport security unless the cheese is frozen solid when you reach the screening checkpoints.

TSA agents might request you to remove your cheese from your carry-on for additional screening. They may also want to open containers to check for any suspicious items hidden in the cheese. To avoid inconveniences, always try to pack your cheese in checked baggage.

Can You Fly With Cheese Internationally?

You can fly with cheese domestically within the United States and Internationally. If you plan to fly with cheese abroad from the US, check your airline and destination restrictions and guidelines before traveling to avoid issues on your journey.

To bring cheese into the United States from a foreign country, you must declare all the cheese you carry. Neglecting to declare can result in fines and confiscation of your items.

Can You Take A Cheese Sandwich On A Plane?

Sandwiches, croissants, bagels, muffins, etc. that have cheese are considered solid items and are permitted on a plane in checked and hand luggage.

If you pack a yummy cheese sandwich in your carry-on bag to enjoy on the plane, it will be allowed through airport security without issues, even if it is cheese spread or soft cheese. You are not limited to taking only solid food with hard cheese in your carry-on.

Can You Take String Cheese As A Snack On The Plane?

You can pack string cheese in your checked baggage and carry-on. If you take a few pieces of string cheese in your backpack to snack on during the flight, you will not have any issue getting them through airport security.

String cheese is considered solid cheese, so whether you pack it for yourself or your kids, you can take it easy in your carry-on.

Can You Take Cooked Halloumi Cheese In Hand Luggage?

While uncooked halloumi contains liquid and is not allowed in hand luggage unless it does not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml, cooked halloumi is not a problem. If your halloumi is cooked is a solid item, and you can take it on the flight.

How Should You Pack Cheese For A Flight?

The best way to pack cheese for the plane to keep it as fresh as possible is by wrapping it in cling wrap or leaving it in its original packaging. Then wrap foil around it to further retain its freshness.

If you follow a waste-free lifestyle, place your cheese in airtight containers before putting it into your suitcase or use reusable, resealable lunch bags. Take your cheese in a cooler bag with fully frozen ice packs to keep them cold and fresh.