Can You Bring Honey On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Honey is a delicious sweetener but can also be used for health and cosmetic reasons. You also get different types of honey in various places in the world. If you have thought of buying honey on your travels, you probably wonder if you can bring it on the plane.

Honey is allowed by the TSA in checked and hand luggage. It is treated as liquid and should not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml if placed in carry-on bags. Larger quantities of honey will be permitted if it is frozen at security screening and sweets and baking with honey are considered solid items and are allowed in carry-on bags.

Can You Take Honey In Checked Luggage?

Honey is permitted in checked luggage and has no quantity or size restrictions. You can pack your favorite and specialized honey in your checked bags in the smallest to largest sizes, and it doesn’t matter if it is raw honey, jars, or squeezy bottles; it is allowed by the TSA.

Is Honey Treated As Liquid By The TSA?

The TSA treats honey at room temperature and drizzling consistency as a liquid. If you aren’t aware, the TSA has specific regulations on carrying liquid in your hand luggage. While there are no limitations on honey for checked bags, you must follow the guidelines for carry-on bags.

If you pack honey in liquid form in your hand baggage, ensure that it is equal to or less than 3.4 oz/100 ml. If your honey exceeds that amount, pack it in your checked luggage, or you will not be allowed to take it through security.

If you don’t want to lose your honey (and honey is not cheap), ensure that you always stick to the liquid protocol for carry-on bags instead of facing confiscation by the TSA agents at screening checkpoints.

Can You Take Frozen Honey On A Plane?

Frozen honey is permitted on planes in your checked luggage and hand baggage. You can pack an unlimited amount of frozen honey in both bags. If you carry honey in your checked bag, it is not necessary to be frozen.

If you carry honey under 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your carry-on, it does not need to be frozen. But if you want to take more than the required amount of honey in your hand luggage, the only way it will be permitted is if it is frozen.

If you have ice packs to keep your honey cold, ensure that the ice packs and honey are frozen solid when you reach security checkpoints. If it is melted, it will only be allowed if it is less than 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

Alternatively, you could pack your frozen honey with dry ice in a cooler bag. That way you know you will be safe and your honey will be permitted through. Note that the TSA may want to do additional screening and possibly open your honey jars to be thorough.

Can You Take Fresh Honeycomb On A Plane?

Fresh honeycomb is allowed on planes in checked and hand luggage. There are no restrictions for carrying fresh honeycomb in your checked baggage, and it is recommended that you pack your honeycomb in checked bags.

Fresh honeycomb has the liquid running out of it, so packing it in your hand luggage would mean you cannot take more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml. That is a tiny amount; unless you divide it into small travel-sized containers, you will not be allowed to take more.

If you have to carry your fresh honeycomb in hand luggage, ensure that it does not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml, and it must be placed in a quart-sized, clear, resealable bag with other carry-on liquid items.

If your honeycomb is entirely solid and does not have any runny liquid around it, you will not be restricted to 3.4 oz or 100 ml in carry-on bags. According to the TSA, dry honeycomb is permitted without restriction in your hand luggage.

How To Pack Honey For A Flight?

Packing honey in your checked bags doesn’t require much though unless you need to divide it into smaller containers to maximize space. Packing honey in hand luggage can be slightly tricky if you don’t have an option of checked baggage but need more than 3.4 oz. or 100 ml.

When you pack honey for hand luggage, you can decant your large-size honey into smaller travel-size bottles or containers. That means you can take a full-sized honey jar by carrying several smaller ones. But you must place them in your one quart-sized bag with other carry-on liquids.

Can You Take Honey Into The United States From Abroad?

The United States allows passengers to bring in honey from foreign countries. You must always check the airline you will use for any guidelines they might have on traveling with honey.

If you carry honey into the US and it is a small amount for personal use, it will not be an issue, and you will be safe bringing it into the country. It is recommended that you declare the honey regardless of the quantity.

The United States has particular regulations on food and drink entering from abroad so to be safe, always declare your items rather than facing issues afterward.

Can You Travel With Honey Internationally From The US?

The TSA allows passengers to travel with honey; however, some destinations like the EU, the UK, Canada, and Australia may have their own restrictions. It is best to do your research and check guidelines before you travel.

Even if the airlines allow you to take honey on the plane from the United States on an international flight, it doesn’t mean you will definitely be permitted to that destination with your sweet liquid gold.

Instead of losing your honey to the airport, get all your facts checked before you pack your bags.

Can You Travel With Honey-Filled Donuts On A Plane?

Honey must follow the TSA liquid rules if it is in its natural liquid form. But that stands for solo honey, or when the honey is visible in its liquid form. It will be permitted if you have honey products like honey cake, honey-filled donuts, honey spread on a sandwich, or honey frosting.

Honey in the above forms is considered to be treated as solid because the honey is not runny. You will not face any issues at airport security for carrying honey in baked goods or honey-flavored foods.

Can You Fly With Honeycomb Sweets On A Plane?

Honeycomb sweets, honey lollipops, hard candy, and other honey edibles are permitted by the TSA on planes. You can pack them in your checked bags or hand luggage. There are no restrictions on those items because they are solid.

Can You Carry Cosmetics With Honey On A Plane?

Cosmetics with honey such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body butter, shower gels, and soaps are permitted on planes in checked and hand luggage. There are no restrictions on packing these items in your checked bags.

If you take them in your carry-on luggage, they must not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml and must be placed in a quart-sized clear, resealable bag with other liquid items. Honey bar soaps are treated as solid items and do not have limitations.