Can You Bring Crochet Hooks On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Crocheting is an enjoyable hobby that many people use to entertain themselves for long periods of time, which is why most people think crocheting on a plane is a good idea, but can you take your crocheting hooks on a plane with you without causing any trouble?

According to the TSA, crocheting hooks are allowed on planes in both carry-on and check-in luggage. However, to make your experience through airport security easier, leave the small metal crochet hooks at home and only travel with medium to large plastic crochet hooks.

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Can You Bring Your Crochet Hooks On A Plane?

Traveling is a part of many people’s lives, whether for business or pleasure; thousands of people will travel by plane to various destinations around the world every year. When you have your bags packed, your excitement begins to build as you are on your way to many unknown adventures.

However, some flights can be long and boring, so you need to bring something with you that will keep you occupied throughout the flight. For many people, their crocheting craft will be the only thing that will keep them busy for that long and boring flight.

This can raise a few questions about bringing your crochet equipment to the plane with you. So, can you take your crocheting needles on a plane?

You will be delighted to hear that, according to the TSA, most crocheting hooks are allowed on planes so that you can crochet your heart out on your long flight ahead without any worries.

However, this will depend on the country, airline, and airport you are flying with, as they can set their own rules. So, even though most flights will accept crocheting hooks, be sure to phone ahead and check that your particular flight won’t have an issue with your crocheting hooks.

Can You Take Crochet Hooks On International And Domestic Flights?

When you are thinking about taking your crocheting hooks on the plane with you, you might wonder if there is a distinction between domestic and international flight regulations that can cause problems with your crocheting hooks.

In the USA, crocheting hooks are generally allowed on the plane for domestic and international flights, according to the TSA. So, when you are traveling in the United States or to the United States, your crocheting hooks shouldn’t cause you any problems.

However, not every country has the same flight safety regulations as the United States, and your crocheting hooks could cause you some problems with overzealous security officers at some airports.

So, if you are flying internationally, it’s always a good idea to call the airport you will be landing in or contact the airline ahead of time to ensure your crochet hooks will pass through security smoothly.

Can You Take All Types Of Crochet Hooks On A Plane?

When you want to take your crocheting hooks on a plane with you, you should keep in mind the type of crocheting hooks you are taking on the plane.

There are several different types of crocheting hooks that are commonly used in the craft, and some might give you more problems at the airport than others.

When going through airport security, you want everything to move smoothly and have nothing take up your time, especially if you are already late to the boarding line. This is why it’s important to know which crocheting hooks will go through security without any problems.

So, let’s go through the different crocheting hooks and which ones will give you the most trouble at the airport so you can avoid them to ensure your boarding experience goes smoothly.

Metal Vs. Plastic Crochet Hooks

When you want to take your crocheting hooks on the plane with you, you need to keep in mind the material the crochet hooks are made from. With crocheting hooks, you get some made from metal and others made from plastic, but which ones will work best for your flight?

When flying domestically in the USA, the TSA guidelines state that metal and plastic crocheting hooks are fine to fly with when packed on your carry-on or in your check-in luggage.

However, metal crocheting hooks may cause you some grief when going through the metal detectors and luggage x-rays before your flight, as some security officers might want to take a closer look at them.

This is generally not a problem on domestic flights, but if you are flying internationally, you should bear this in mind.

What Size Crochet Hooks Are Best For Traveling By Plane?

Another aspect of your crocheting hooks that you need to take into account when wanting to take them on a plane is the size of your crocheting hooks. Crocheting hooks come in various sizes, and some of the sizes can cause problems for you at the security screenings at the airport.

Big to medium-sized crochet hooks are generally not a problem on your carry-on or check-in luggage and should go through the security checks smoothly. However, the smaller crochet hooks, especially if they are made from metal, can cause a problem for you at the security checks.

So, it’s best to leave the small, sharp metal crochet hooks at home and take your medium to large-sized plastic on the plane with you or in your check-in luggage.

How Do You Safely Pack Crochet Hooks For Flying?

When taking your crochet hooks on a plane, no matter if you are taking them in your carry-on luggage or your check-in luggage, you need to ensure they are packed correctly.

When taking your crochet hooks in your carry-on luggage, you should consider placing them, along with all your other crocheting supplies, into a separate bag that can fit underneath the seat in front of you.

This makes it easier to reach your crocheting equipment during the flight and will ensure you avoid the need to rummage through your larger bag in the bag storage above you.

When packing your crocheting hooks in your check-in luggage, you need to take extra care with the packaging to ensure the security officers don’t get poked if they search your bag.

You should buy a crochet hook holder that can be secured closed with a button or strap to ensure the hooks are secured at all times in your check-in luggage.