Can You Bring Jewelry On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Jewelry is valuable; you don’t want it to get lost or stolen when traveling. Flying with jewelry is often a concern because you must figure out how to pack it if you are not wearing it. Find out if you can bring jewelry and the safest way to travel with it on a plane.

Artificial and genuine jewelry pieces are allowed on planes. Pack your valuable jewelry in your carry-on to avoid losing it with missing or stolen checked baggage. Passengers can also keep in their personal item bag or wear the jewelry. Metal jewelry will need to be removed at screening checkpoints.

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Can You Carry Jewelry In Your Carry-on Bag?

When traveling by flight, it is best to pack jewelry, especially your valuables, in your carry-on bag to ensure safety. Your carry-on bag is always with you, so unless you forget it somewhere, you will not lose your jewelry inside it.

You can be permitted as much jewelry as you want in a small jewelry pouch or case and pack it safely into your carry-on. For extra safety, lock your carry-on bag.

Can You Carry Jewelry In Checked Luggage?

Passengers are allowed to pack jewelry in checked bags. If you need to, only place the imitation jewelry you don’t mind possibly losing in your checked luggage.

Checked bags can sometimes get left behind, go missing, or get stolen, and if your valuable pieces are in there, there is no guarantee they will still be in the suitcase when you get it back – if you do retrieve your bags.

If you keep your jewelry safe and don’t feel comfortable having it in your carry-on that will go into the overhead compartment, or you are worried someone will snatch your bag and run, there is a way you can keep your jewelry safer.

Pack your jewelry in your personal bag, i.e., your purse or backpack that you will wear on your body at all times. Place your jewelry at the bottom of the bag, so it does not fall out when pulling out other items.

Can You Take Artificial Jewelry On A Plane?

Artificial jewelry is allowed on planes in checked and hand luggage. You can wear them or put them in your bags. If you aren’t too worried about them, pack them in checked baggage to save space. If you want to keep them safe, keep them in your carry-on bag.

Can You Take Genuine Gold Jewelry On A Plane?

Genuine gold, silver, or platinum jewelry is permitted on a plane. You can wear them or keep them in your carry-on. Avoid packing your authentic jewelry in checked bags. They will be safest in your hand luggage or personal bag like a purse.

Can You Take Sterling Silver Jewelry On A Plane?

Sterling silver is a valuable type of jewelry. It is allowed on planes, but as with any other valuable items, you should pack it into your carry-on, purse or wear it to keep it safe. There is no guarantee that your sterling silver jewelry will be safe in checked luggage.

Does Jewelry Need To Be Declared In The US?

Carrying jewelry into the US is a complex subject. You must declare any jewelry of value. If you take personal jewelry out of the US, you will be asked to prove that you did not purchase it abroad.

It is essential to have proof of all certificates and receipts of the pieces you bring into the US. Pictures of your personal jewelry that matches dates before your travels often suffice.

Traveling with valuable jewelry out of the US is permitted, but depending on the rules in your destination country, you may have to declare the pieces at customs. Always check the regulations of countries and airlines before traveling.

Does Jewelry Trigger The Airport Security Alarm?

Genuine pieces like gold and silver platinum jewelry are unlikely to trigger the alarm at airport security unless they are bulky or contain a lot of metal.

Metal jewelry and accessories, including watches, belts, and hair clips, must be removed and placed into your carry-on or separately into the tray before you pass through security to avoid setting off the security alarm.

If your jewelry is dainty or does not contain metal, you can wear it through airport security without any issues. A traveling tip is not to keep your valuable jewelry in your bag until you pass the checkpoints – then put them on.

Is It Safe To Travel With Expensive Jewelry?

Traveling safety is never 100% guaranteed because no matter how many precautions you take, anything is possible. Traveling with expensive and valuable jewelry is relatively safe if you take the correct steps and be mindful of your environment.

Below are a few tips for keeping expensive jewelry safe:

Take out insurance on your jewelry

Whether or not you travel, insuring your jewelry can help with any types of loss or damage anywhere you are.

Take pictures of the pieces you pack and wear on travels

Before you travel, lay your jewelry out and take photos of each item. You must show it to the insurance company if anything gets lost or missing. Keep receipts and certificates safe if needed and make copies of them.

Pack it securely

Pack your jewelry in a secure pouch that will allow it to get damaged or tangled. Do not leave it anywhere; remove it if you go into a pool or beach. Always keep your jewelry in your purse or carry on when flying.

Avoid being flashy

While you should enjoy wearing your jewelry in the open, avoid being flashy and pointing it out. If you know you will be in unsafe areas, try not to wear it because you could become a target for theft.

Can You Wear Jewelry On The Plane?

You can wear jewelry on the plane if you want or feel safe doing so. Many passengers prefer wearing jewelry to avoid it being stolen with possible bag theft.

You can wear any type of jewelry you are comfortable with on the plane. Earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, belly and nose piercings, etc., are all allowed.

Flying can sometimes cause swelling and bloating, making your jewelry ring tight and stuck, especially on your finger and toes. If you are aware of any swelling when flying, it is best to avoid wearing jewelry on a plane.