Can You Bring Nail Clippers On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Airports change their regulations frequently to improve security and protect their passengers and staff. That’s why people who have never flown on a plane worry about carrying a forbidden grooming tool with them on a plane. It raises the question, can you bring a nail clipper on a plane?

According to TSA regulations, you can bring your nail clipper in your carry-on bag on the plane. If the nail clipper has a sharp edge, it needs to be stored in a secure bag or sheath to prevent injuring TSA or airport security staff inspecting or handling the bags. You are even allowed to bring a nail clipper for your dog.

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Are You Allowed To Take Nail Clippers On A Plane?

Nail clippers and nail care items are essential for most people, especially if you are taking a trip.

According to TSA rules, you can bring nail clippers on a plane. There are no restrictions on personal grooming devices that are not battery-operated.

The news that you are allowed to take your nail clippers with you when you fly came as a surprise to many travelers as a rumor turned urban myth circulated recently saying that soldiers were not allowed to take nail clippers with them on planes.

The rumor stuck with many people who believed that all nail clippers were banned on domestic flights. That was until the TSA went out of their way to squash this urban myth. They stated in 2012 that people should remember they can take nail care items with them on the plane.

Can You Take Nail Clippers In Carry-On Bags?

The TSA regulations state that there can bring your nail clipper with you in your carry-on bags. Unlike gels, aerosols, and liquids, there are no special packaging requirements when packing your nail care items.

Can You Take Nail Clippers In Checked Bags?

The TSA state that you can pack your nail clipper and other nail care items in your checked bags, but you must take precautions if you have any sharp items. Some nail clippers are longer and have a sharp edge.

These nail clippers need to be secured in a sheath, wrapped, or kept in a toiletries bag to prevent injuries to the TSA or airport security agents when inspecting or checking your luggage.

If you have failed to secure your sharp nail clippers properly and a TSA or airport security agent gets injured, you may face legal ramifications like being sued. If you are unsure what kind of nail clippers are allowed, we will go into more detail in the section below.

What Kind Of Nail Clippers Are Allowed On A Plane?

When you think of nail clippers, an array of different shapes and sizes come to mind but does the type of nail clipper you want to take on the plane matter? Various types of nail clippers include:

  • Nipper clippers
  • Lever-type clippers
  • Guillotine clippers
  • Electric clippers
  • Battery-operated nail clippers

There are no rules on the type of nail clippers you can take on a plane. The only rules and restrictions you will have are if you have a battery-operated nail clipper. If you want to take a battery-operated nail clipper on a plane, you must follow the TSA’s regulations on batteries.

The TSA regulations on batteries state that you are allowed to bring any battery-operated item with you in your carry-on bags, but the batteries need to be uninstalled and carried in a separate bag. You can take the battery-operated nail clippers in your checked luggage.

You need to ensure the batteries are either installed in the device or in separate bags in the carry-on bags, as it is prohibited to take spare (uninstalled batteries) lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries in your checked bags.

Do All Airlines Allow Nail Clippers On The Plane?

Not all airlines follow the TSA guidelines, and many have their own rules and regulations, but do they differ regarding nail clippers? According to aviation experts, all US airlines follow the TSA guidelines on nail clippers.

So you can take your nail clippers with you in your carry-on or checked luggage regardless of if you use United Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or Delta, as long as any sharply pointed nail clippers are secured so it won’t hurt anyone.

Can I Take Nail Clippers On International Flights?

All U.S. airlines follow TSA’s guidelines on nail clippers, but that may not be the case if you are taking an international flight. Different rules apply depending on the country you are traveling to;

When you are traveling to Australia, Canada, the U.K., or Mexico, you are permitted to take your nail clippers with you in your carry-on bag or pack them away safely in your checked bags. They follow the same guidelines as the U.S.

In other parts of the world, such as Asia, China, AirAsia, and Malaysia Airlines have restrictions on bringing your nail clippers with you in your carry-on bags. You are only permitted to bring them in your checked bags.

Some countries, such as Latin America (LATAM Airlines Group), don’t allow you to carry your nail clippers or other nail grooming devices in your carry-on bag.

Can You Use Nail Clippers On Your Flight?

The TSA don’t have any specific rules or regulations banning or approving the use of nail clippers during a flight, but you will find that if you see nails flying as someone is clipping away at their nails or toenails, a flight attendant will ask them to stop.

The reason is simple; it’s unsanitary and uncomfortable to sit and watch while someone whacks away at their nails. Just the thought of one of those nails flying through the air and landing in your food or drink should be enough to stop anyone from using nail clippers on a flight.

Can You Bring Other Nail Cutting Items On The Plane?

You can bring your nail scissors on a plane in your carry-on bag, provided the blade is no longer than 4 inches. Most nail scissors are short, so it should be fine. You can bring your nail file in your carry-on bag regardless of the material it’s made of.