Can You Bring Nail Polish On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Nail polish is a fun product to carry when traveling and, for some, a fashion essential. When flying, some people like taking nail polish to use at the destination, airport, or on a flight. The question arises: can you bring nail polish on a plane?

Nail polish is allowed in checked luggage, hand luggage, and purses. The nail polish quantity should not exceed 3.4oz or 100ml. It must be placed in a clear, 1-quart sized, and resealable plastic bag to pass the TSA requirements. Larger nail polish jars are allowed if they are placed in checked baggage.

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Is Nail Polish Allowed In Hand Luggage?

The TSA permits nail polish on a plane. Passengers can carry nail polish in checked luggage or carry-on bags. Passengers are also allowed to have nail polish in their purses or backpack – the ones people keep by their feet on the plane.

There is a 3-1-1 rule by the TSA, meaning the maximum allowance for liquid is 3.4 oz or 100 ml, and the items must be placed in a 1-quart-sized clear plastic bag. Each person is only allowed one 1-quart bag.

Nail polish falls under the category of liquid items, so if you take it in your hand luggage, it has to meet the TSA requirements. Passengers can take more than one nail polish jar, but it should not exceed the maximum quantity.

Can You Carry Nail Polish In Your Purse On A Flight?

If you want to carry your nail polish on your person, like in your pocket, purse, or backpack that you will have easy access to on the plane in case you want to apply it in flight, you will be allowed to take it on board.

The nail polish does not have to be packed in your carry-on if you want to keep it in your purse. The primary concern is that the nail polish needs to be equal to or less than 3.4 oz or 100ml.

How Many Nail Polishes Can You Carry In A Flight?

Carry-on luggage has rules. You can carry more than one nail polish in your hand luggage, but each jar cannot exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml. It also needs to be in a clear, plastic quart-sized bag, and passengers are only allowed one, so all your carry-on toiletries must fit in there.

If you want to take a few different nail polish colors, whether you want to apply them on a flight or put them in your carry-on because you aren’t carrying checked baggage, you will not have problems taking the nail polish through checkpoints.

The only time airport security will stop you is if your nail polishes exceed the maximum size allowance or the quart bag cannot seal closed.

How Much Nail Polish Can You Pack In Checked Luggage?

There are no restrictions on how many nail polish jars you can take on a plane. If you pack nail polish in checked luggage, you can take as many as you like, with such size limitations. Large jars or salon-sized/wholesale jars of nail polish are also allowed in checked baggage.

There is a chance that you might be questioned if you have several nail polishes, especially if they are larger sizes. If there is any suspicion that you might be selling the items or smuggling something in, airport security will probably pull you aside to inspect.

Can You Carry Nail Polish Remover On A Plane?

Where there is nail polish, there has to be nail polish remover. The TSA permits nail polish remover on a plane in both checked luggage and carry-on bags.

With checked bags, there are no restrictions on the size or quantity of the nail polish removers. You should ensure the bottles are correctly sealed and packed appropriately. Placing them in tightly sealed plastic bags can prevent spills from any pressure bursts.

Nail polish remover is also allowed in carry-on bags; as always, the size cannot exceed the TSA guidelines for liquids that are 3.4 oz or 100ml. The nail polish remover must also be placed in the quart plastic bag with other toiletry products.

Can You Apply Nail Polish In A Plane?

Using strongly scented products in a plane with no ventilation is not recommended. Other passengers might be sensitive to the smell, and it is common courtesy to be mindful and respectful towards others.

However, applying nail polish while you are on a flight is allowed. It would be best if you don’t have someone sitting right next to you, and even better if you are in first or business class.

If nail polish spills on the plane, it will create a huge mess and, quite frankly, a problem for you because you will most likely be fined if you cannot get the stain out. Avoid applying nail polish if there is turbulence or you are an amateur prone to accidents.

If you apply nail polish on a flight, try to use good quality products with a less potent smell, and always keep the jar upright. You could keep it tight between your legs to prevent it from slipping or moving.

Always carry a tissue to place one under your hand while applying nail polish. You will not get stopped for using nail polish on a plane, but if someone complains or the flight attendants request that you don’t, it is best to put it away.

Do All Airlines Allow Nail Polish?

The general rule from the TSA is that nail polish is allowed on planes. But remember that each airline has different regulations and restrictions for specific products, and depending on which airline you use or the country of your destination, it may not be allowed.

It is always recommended to check the airline rules before you travel, read reviews from the TSA website, and take a moment to send the TSA a tweet question if you are still unsure. You will most likely clear your doubts that way.

Can You Carry Manicure Kit On A Plane?

Most manicure items are permitted on a plane even though some are considered sharp and a safety hazard. Things like nail clippers, tweezers, nail files, buffers, cuticle pushers, and scissors are permitted.

All the items with sharp edges should be wrapped securely to prevent them from cutting into anything or hurting anyone if they get out. Manicure kits are allowed in checked luggage and carry-on bags.