Can You Visit Greenland?

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Wondering if you can visit Greenland? Greenland is a beautiful country with pristine scenery and untouched wild. However, not many people get to visit or explore Greenland. This might make one wonder if you can visit Greenland as a private resident.

While expensive, visiting Greenland during certain times of the year is possible. Only two airlines fly into and around Greenland, and the ticket prices are relatively high. However, visiting Greenland is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and there is plenty to do and see in this country.

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How Can You Visit Greenland?

There are two ways to visit Greenland. You can go by boat or plane. While the boats only tour around Greenland in the summer, the plane can take you at almost any time. Only two airlines fly to Greenland, named Air Greenland and Iceland Air.

Furthermore, the only flights into Greenland depart from Copenhagen in Denmark and Reykjavík in Iceland. The tour boats operate around Greenland and also depart from these countries. Traveling between towns is expensive, so it’s best to fly to the town in Greenland you want to visit.

When Should You Visit Greenland?

You can visit Greenland in Spring, Summer, or Fall, depending on what you want to do and see. For example, visiting Greenland in summer will allow you to explore more of the natural landscape as everything isn’t covered in snow.

On the contrary, you should visit Greenland in Spring or Fall if you want to go skiing or snowmobiling. Winter isn’t the best time to visit Greenland as many parts of the country are snowed shut, and you won’t be able to do many outdoor activities.

What Is The Weather Like In Greenland?

As Greenland is an Arctic country, you can expect the weather to be chilly. In the Northern parts of Greenland, temperatures rarely rise above 50 °F (10 °C). However, in the South, you can experience warmer temperatures in the summer months, getting as warm as 68 °F (20 °C).

Although the temperatures aren’t great for going outside, Greenland has some of the best air quality in the world, meaning that you will have no shortage of excellent air when stepping outside. Furthermore, the locals take great care to insulate the houses and stores, so temperatures inside are much more moderate.

What Can You Do In Greenland?

Despite the cool weather, Greenland offers plenty of outdoor activities. You can hike to the Arctic Circle or go skiing and snowmobiling around town. You can also experience the local culture of the Inuit and other indigenous peoples in Greenland.

Because Greenland has so much untouched landscape, you will find plenty of trails to hike and explore while getting to know the wild terrain of Greenland. Of course, there are also many amazing things to see when visiting this country.

What Can You See In Greenland?

Whether you enjoy the natural scenery, animals, or stars, you will surely be amazed when visiting Greenland. Depending on the season, you may spot various whale species, seals, caribou, and other animals. You may even be lucky enough to spot a pod of narwhals.

When visiting in the summer, you can see the midnight sun shining bright in the sky throughout the day. Furthermore, you can take a trip to see some of the many pristine glaciers in Greenland. Of course, you will also have a prime view of the northern lights in from Greenland.

Is It Dangerous To Visit Greenland?

Greenland is not without danger, and this untouched wild country does have a few things to consider when going. First, many polar bears and other predators roam the fjords throughout the day and night.

Some towns don’t allow people to go out of town without a weapon, and children are taught how to use weapons for self-defense from a young age.

Exposure to the elements also poses some risk in Greenland, and you will find that traveling between towns is quite a mission as there aren’t any roads. Therefore, you may have to fly to Denmark or Iceland to receive specialized medical care when visiting Greenland.

Who Wants To Visit Greenland?

Greenland is not a country suitable for everyone. It is primarily explorers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who like to visit this country. Therefore, you must have some survival skills and hiking expertise to go on a hiking trail in Greenland. Furthermore, you must be fit and physically capable of managing in the snow and wild.

People with a keen interest in other cultures and history may also enjoy visiting Greenland, as there are some excellent museums and cultural heritage spots around the country. Keen photographers will also enjoy capturing Greenland’s natural beauty.

What Should You Bring When Visiting Greenland?

Because everything is hard to come by in Greenland, you must bring what you need. In addition, you should bring enough clothes as you’ll likely get wet during the day. Waterproof boots and a snow jacket are also essential when traveling to Greenland.

What’s more, you must bring any medication you tend to use or think you may need during your trip. You must also bring enough cash in Greenlandic and foreign currency and ensure that you are financially prepared for the trip before leaving.

Is It Expensive To Visit Greenland?

Visiting Greenland is quite expensive because the country is so remote, and bare essentials are in scarce supply. The flights going into and out of Greenland are expensive, as is buying groceries and luxuries at the convenience stores.

Furthermore, you must hire a snowmobile for traveling as there aren’t any roads leading out of town. When traveling long distances, you must go via airplane, and Greenland Air’s ticket prices are steep. Therefore, visiting Greenland is much more expensive than visiting neighboring countries like Denmark.

Can You Travel Around Greenland?

It is possible to travel around Greenland, but you can only do so by plane. Many towns have a small plane strip for coming and going. However, there aren’t any roads between towns. Therefore, you cannot travel by car. Many people also use snowmobiles to travel between towns if need be.

You can also travel around Greenland by boat, as most towns in Greenland are situated along the Southern coast. Many cruise boats travel around Greenland in summer, which is something you can consider if you want to explore more places in this country.

What Is The Capital City Of Greenland?

Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland and home to 17 000 people. Nuuk is a coastal town and home to the Greenland National Museum. Nuuk also boasts brightly colored houses along the waterfront and a beautiful ocean view.

You can visit Nuuk by taking a plane from Iceland or traveling by boat. The temperatures are rather chilly in Nuuk, so it’s best to go in the warmer months if you want to experience more of the outdoors. Nuuk is the Northernmost capital city in the world.

What Is The Closest Country To Greenland?

Iceland is the closest country to Greenland. The flight from Iceland to Greenland is under two hours, and these countries are 740 miles (1200 kilometers) apart.

While Greenland is strictly speaking part of Denmark, the country has an independent government. Residents of Greenland may, however, apply for Denmark citizenship.