Can You Visit Heartland Ranch?

credit: CBC

Would you like to visit the ranch where Heartland was produced? The ranch featured in the Heartland TV show is a beautiful property, and many fans of the show would like to visit the ranch when they are in the area. However, can you visit heartland ranch, and where is it located?

Unfortunately, the ranch on which Heartland is produced is private property and, therefore, not open to the public for visitation. In fact, there are signs around the property that remind people thereof. You can visit other places featured on the TV show, like Maggie’s diner, a set for the show located in High River.

Is Heartland Ranch Open For Visitors?

The ranch on which the TV show heartland is produced is private. Therefore, it is not open to visitors, and you may not enter the ranch without permission from the owners. There aren’t any tours of the ranch, private or group organized, and people are expected to respect the privacy of the owners of this ranch.

You can see part of the ranch from the road, where you can take photographs and enjoy the scenery if you wish. However, this is the closest one can get to the ranch, as the gates and fences prevent unwanted visitors from entering. Fortunately, you can also explore the town where other parts of the show are filmed.

Is There A Real Heartland Ranch?

Although the Heartland TV show is filmed on a real ranch, it isn’t named Heartland. There isn’t an actual Heartland ranch. The ranch is located in Alberta, Canada. The exact name of the actual ranch isn’t disclosed, but fans have come across it while exploring High River.

The ranch on which Heartland is filmed is a working ranch and is therefore closed to the public for visitation. However, the TV show isn’t filmed on a fixed set but produced on a real ranch. So while the show is filmed on one specific ranch, the ranch isn’t named Heartland.

What Is Heartland?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Heartland show, you may not know what the ranch refers to. Heartland is a Canadian TV show about a family on a ranch named Heartland. The story follows the Fleming family and their trials and successes on the ranch and in the fictional town of Hudson.

Heartland Ranch 1
CBC Heartland Ranch

There are currently 15 seasons of Heartland and more to follow within the coming years. You can watch the Heartland series on Netflix and other entertainment channels. Heartland is a family-friendly TV show with a significant following and excellent reviews. Enjoy watching the show take place on the beautiful ranch.

Where Is Heartland Ranch?

Although you cannot visit the ranch, you may be interested in visiting the surrounding area because it is a beautiful part of Canada. The Heartland ranch is located in Southern Alberta, Canada. The ranch is approximately 10 minutes from Millarville or 45 minutes from High River, where many other parts of the show are filmed.

You can see the ranch from the road and other sights and parts from the show in the town of High River, known as Hudson in the show. Therefore, you can see the beauty of the ranch and the town when visiting Alberta.

Are There Tours Available To See Heartland Ranch?

As mentioned, there aren’t any tours available to the Heartland ranch as this is a private, working ranch. However, you can do a self-guided Heartland tour of the area where Heartland is filmed. In addition, you can walk around High River and see the diner and other shots from the TV show.

Heartland Ranch 2
CBC Heartland Ranch

You can also buy Heartland memorabilia in High River that is sometimes signed by some of the Heartland cast and crew members. Therefore, you can get somewhat of a Heartland tour experience when visiting the town of High River and the surrounding area.

Where Can You Watch Heartland?

You can currently watch Heartland on Netflix, although the platform may remove earlier seasons as time passes. You can also stream the series on Truth TV or Hulu. There are 15 seasons of Heartland to date, with season 16 underway and likely to be released in 2023. Due to the TV show’s popularity, Heartland’s filming location has grown in popularity.

While you may not be able to watch Heartland on all platforms forever, you can likely catch the newest season on most Canadian platforms as they come out. Watch as the story unfolds on the beautiful Heartland ranch.

Is Heartland Filmed On One Ranch?

The entire Heartland TV show isn’t filmed in one location. However, all parts of the show take place at one ranch. The rest of the series takes place in High River and surrounding areas. So, while you cannot visit the ranch, you can visit most locations where the other scenes are filmed in High Water.

While the TV show was running, there were quite a few locations where they filmed, including several other ranches around the town. Most of the ranches are privately owned and not open for public visitation.

Are There Other Places Featured In Heartland You Can Visit?

Most of the filming on the Heartland TV show takes place on the ranch and in High River. When traveling to High River, you can visit the famous Maggie’s diner, tack, and feed. This isn’t a functioning diner. Instead, it’s a permanent set built especially for the Heartland TV show. However, other shops and stalls are also dedicated to the show.

Heartland Ranch 3
CBC Heartland Ranch

Furthermore, you can visit the Museum of Highwood in High River for a peak at the Heartland exhibit, featuring some of the costumes and replicas from the show. In addition, some of the famous scenes in the Heartland TV show are filmed in the museum.

Furthermore, you can go to the George Lane Memorial Park, where the graduation scene was filmed. There, you can see the red gazebo that hosted the graduation ceremony. Remember to get some Heartland-themed selfies at the gazebo.

When Did Heartland First Release?

Heartland was first released in October 2007 and has produced 15 seasons since. The series quickly became a hit after its initial release. Fans have stuck around for all 15 seasons and are excited for future seasons of Heartland coming out.

The following season is set to air in 2023, and fans must watch what happens as the show progresses. Heartland is a successful TV show, and the producers show no signs that it will come to a definite end anytime soon.

Who Owns The Heartland Ranch?

The ranch on which most of Heartland’s episodes are filmed is owned by the Fosters, who moved there in 1928 to farm cattle on the ranch. They have built various improvements on the ranch, and the horse stalls and barn often feature in the series.

Of course, the Heartland series isn’t only filmed on this ranch, but little is known about the other ranches on which filming occurs. So while you cannot visit this ranch, you can watch the virtual tour by some of the cast, where they take you around the farm.