Can You Visit The House From Friday?

credit: Chris Dunn

Movie fans love reenacting their favorite scenes, and it’s even better when they can do it right where the film took place. If you loved Friday, you probably noticed it was filmed on a real front porch. That leads to the question, can you visit the house from Friday?

Anyone can visit the house from Friday. The house is open Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 19:00. Movie fans can visit the house, sit on the front porch, and take pictures for a small fee. There’s no information on whether you can only stay on the front porch or go inside.

Is The House From Friday Open To The Public?

Absolutely! The owners of the Friday house have set it up so you can visit, take pictures, and reminisce about your favorite movie. There are cardboard cutouts you can use and places you can sit on the front porch.

Before you dress like Smokey and grab your camera to take pictures, take a step back and think you’re about to visit a real house with real people living there! The owners allow fans to visit during business hours, 11:30 to 19:00.

We don’t know if you can go inside the house, but you can step on the front porch, sit there, and have fun. You’ll know when you’re close to the house because it looks exactly as it did in the movie.

Where Is The Friday House?

The house from Friday is located on 126th Street. You’ll find Craig’s house on 1418 W 126th Street, and you’ll probably recognize Smokey’s house and Mrs. Parker’s house when driving around the neighborhood because they’re right around the corner.

If you know your way around South Central Los Angeles, you probably know how to get to Craig’s house and most places you see in Friday. You can take a trip there and drive through most places you see in the film when you visit the Friday house!

Do People Live In The House From Friday?

That’s right! The Friday house is real and has people living there. Every house you see in the film is real too, but the only one that’s open to the public is Craig’s house, and its homeowners have set the front porch so you can feel like you’re in the movie when you visit.

You can visit the Friday house whenever you want, from Monday to Sunday, between 11:30 and 19:00.

Nevertheless, we don’t know if you can get in. The owners allow visitors to step on the front porch and take pictures for a small fee, and that’s probably everything you can do because there are people living in that house.

Who Owns The House From Friday?

There’s no information on who owns the house from Friday. Nevertheless, the homeowners allow people to sit on the front porch to recreate the iconic scene from the movie and take pictures. They charge a small fee to do so.

Friday was filmed in a real neighborhood, and the houses the director chose to film different scenes are 100% real. In fact, that’s true for the entire Friday franchise. Nevertheless, you can only visit Craig’s house from the first movie if you want to take pictures.

The homeowners have set up the front porch to look identical to how it looked in the movie. It has two chairs and everything, so you can recreate your favorite scenes from Friday with a friend.

Where Did The Movie Friday Take Place?

The entire movie takes place in South Central Los Angeles. Most of the movie, including the scenes on the iconic Friday house, takes place on 126th Street. The director chose that location because he grew up in the area.

Most locations from this film are right around the corner from the Friday house. Mrs. Parker’s house is on 121st Street, and the store Smokey and Craig visit is on 135th Street. Most locations are close by because the director had little time and a small budget to film the movie.

As you now know, the director chose this neighborhood because he grew up there. In fact, you can spot his childhood home in one of the scenes where there’s a small altercation over a stolen bicycle.

Was Friday Filmed In A Crip Neighborhood?

Friday was filmed on Normandie and 126th Street. The director chose that location because it was the neighborhood he grew up in. The Friday house is right on 126th Street. That entire area is a well-known Crip neighborhood.

The Crips are a Los Angeles gang known for wearing blue and their rivalry with the Bloods, who are known for wearing red. Because of that color distinction, everyone on the Friday set was forbidden from wearing red.

You can notice the Crip influence in the film. Most characters are wearing blue. More importantly, nobody wears red in the movie. From time to time, you can spot real-life gangsters in the background who just happened to be on the streets when Friday was filmed.

How Long Did It Take To Shoot Friday?

The entire movie was filmed in 20 days. In contrast, most directors take three months to film a movie, so Friday was a fast project in comparison. The entire movie cost a little over three million dollars. That’d be $175,000 per day.

According to Ice Cube, most actors worked for one or two days and shot every scene they were in on that tight timeframe. If you ever decide to visit the house from Friday, you’ll probably spend the same amount of time as most actors did there while filming!

Most actors made $5,000 to $10,000 for playing their part, which isn’t that bad for one or two days’ worth of work. The following movies in the series had a bigger budget and better salaries.

Is Friday Based On A True Story?

The movie Friday isn’t based on a true story. Nevertheless, Ice Cube claims he used several stories from his childhood to shape the script. The movie is autobiographical in a sense, but this project isn’t based on anyone in particular.

In other words, Friday’s most beloved characters are fictional. Then again, the different things that happen in that movie, like Smokey having trouble with his supplier, are real (Smokey’s character is loosely based on DJ Pooh).

Ice Cube took inspiration from the neighborhood he grew up in to create a so-called hood classic, something that anyone who grew up the same way could watch over and over again and have fun.

Was The Entire Friday Franchise Filmed At The Same Place?

Every Friday movie takes place in California. Nevertheless, not every movie in this franchise takes place in the same neighborhood. Craig, the protagonist, only lives in the historic Friday house during the first movie.

There are two movies after that one! In Next Friday, Craig moves away from his house to escape from trouble – but it seems it’s not far enough for trouble not to catch up to him.

The following movie, Friday After Next, takes place in an apartment, and while all three locations are real, you can only visit the one from the first Friday movie. The other locations are not open to the public, and you may only see them from the street.