Can You Bring A Soccer Ball On A Plane?

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Would you like to bring your soccer ball on your next flight? Whether you’re a professional soccer player or just like to kick the ball around during your free time, you may want to pack your soccer ball for your next trip. However, can you bring a soccer ball on a plane and where should you pack it?

You can bring a soccer ball in your hand luggage or checked baggage on a plane. There are no restrictions on how many soccer balls you can bring on a plane. However, the TSA advises passengers to deflate their soccer balls before flying as the increased pressure may cause the ball to burst mid-air.

Can You Bring Soccer Balls On A Plane?

You can bring a soccer ball in your hand luggage or checked baggage on a plane. Soccer balls aren’t considered dangerous items and cannot be used as weapons on a plane. Therefore, there aren’t any restrictions on bringing a soccer ball on a plane.

Unlike other items, a soccer ball isn’t more dangerous in your checked baggage than in your hand luggage. Therefore, you can pack the soccer ball in whatever bags you prefer. Deflating the ball before packing it will help you save space and prevent it from bursting during transit.

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How Do You Pack A Soccer Ball For Traveling By Plane?

The TSA doesn’t have specific guidelines on how to pack a soccer ball when flying. However, they advise you to deflate your soccer ball prior to flying. Doing so will save space and prevent the soccer ball from bursting.

The air pressure increases at higher altitudes. This means that the air pressure inside the soccer ball will also increase and could cause the ball to burst. Deflating the ball removes the air inside it and keeps the ball in perfect condition while you are flying.

Can You Bring A Ball Pump On A Plane?

In addition to bringing your soccer ball on a plane, you may require a ball pump to reinflate it after traveling. Fortunately, you may bring your ball pump on a plane in your checked baggage or hand luggage. You can find a portable ball pump online, perfect for bringing on the plane with you.

It’s best to bring a manual or electric ball pump for your soccer ball on a plane instead of one that works with a canister. A gas-filled canister may also explode during the flight because of the increased air pressure. Furthermore, aerosols are limited to 3.4 ounces when packed in your hand luggage.

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Should You Always Deflate A Soccer Ball Before Flying?

While deflating a soccer ball before flying isn’t required, it is certainly recommended. Deflating the soccer ball before flying is a practical decision that protects the ball and saves you space. In addition, you can reinflate the ball after arriving at your destination.

Furthermore, if you bring a portable pump, you can inflate the ball to keep you busy on longer layovers. Then, deflate the ball again before your next flight.

Is It Safe To Bring A Soccer Ball On A Plane?

Bringing a soccer ball on a plane is safe as there isn’t anything dangerous about it. However, to be safe, it’s best to deflate the ball before departing. If the ball bursts mid-air, it can cause panic in the cabin and lead to a lot of stress and unwanted attention.

It can also cause damage to the property of other guests. Therefore, you should deflate the soccer ball before flying for maximum safety.