Can You Bring Drinks On A Plane?

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Air travel is always stressful, regardless of how experienced you are. Understanding the regulations regarding food and drink are especially challenging when flying, and many travelers remain unclear regarding these rules. Can you bring drinks onto a plane? What are the regulations? Is it safe to bring drinks on a plane? Let’s find out!

You can bring drinks on a plane. Carry-on drinks cannot exceed 100ml/3.4oz. No alcohol can be consumed except for what is provided by cabin crew. Checked luggage has no volume limit regarding drinks other than alcohol. 70% or more alcohol is not permitted. 24% – 69% alcohol is limited to 5l/1.3gal.

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Can You Bring Your Own Drinks On A Plane?

Traveling can be fun, and air travel is among the best ways to get around quickly, but it does come with several regulations that every passenger must follow. These restrictions, regulations, and rules apply to every passenger, and they include strict rules regarding the onboarding of drinks.

Every passenger has wondered if they are permitted to bring drinks along on a flight, but not everyone can easily find the answer. Are you allowed to bring drinks onto a plane?

You are permitted to bring drinks onto a plane, even alcoholic beverages, provided you adhere to the strict regulations regarding these substances.

Can You Bring Drinks Through TSA Checkpoints?

According to international flight regulations, drinks fall under the food category of travel items and therefore are closely monitored and regulated for the sake of security.

These regulations do allow passengers to bring drinks and beverages along on an aircraft, so long as the liquids are stored in bottles that do not exceed 100ml or 3.4oz.

The drinks must not be brought onto the plane in containers exceeding this amount, even if the container is not filled with more than 100ml/3.4oz of liquid, or the security agents are permitted to remove the drink from the passenger.

Can You Bring Drinks Through Airport Security?

TSA checkpoints and general airport security are very different considerations regarding the transportation of drinks, as every airport will have its own policies regarding bringing drinks along with you that may not fall under TSA regulation.

Some airports may require you to discard any liquids before moving through security checkpoints and only allow passengers to carry liquids with them that they buy at each airport area.

Always be sure to check what the policies are at the airports that you will travel through before you arrive.

So long as the drinks that you are bringing are allowed by the airport and they are within the permitted quantities, you will be able to bring drinks through airport security without too much trouble.

Can You Bring Drinks As Carry-On Or Checked Luggage?

Drinks can be brought onto a plane as carry-on luggage or as checked luggage, but the conditions regarding both scenarios are different. Checked luggage only has limits regarding certain drinks, such as alcohol. Otherwise, checked luggage has no drink restrictions other than the weight of the overall luggage.

Carry-on luggage cannot contain drinks that are more than 100ml/3.4oz in volume, and there are strict regulations in place regarding the drinks and how they are carried and consumed. For example, no personal alcohol is permitted to be consumed on flights other than what is served by cabin crew.

So long as you adhere to these regulations, you are permitted to bring drinks onto a plane. The TSA website is the best place to find the regulations that every passenger must follow and clearly outlines the drink restrictions on aircraft.

What Kind Of Drinks Can You Bring On A Plane?

We have established that drinks are permitted on planes subject to the regulations of the airline and international air travel regulations, but many travelers wonder what type of drinks they are allowed to bring along and if there are any regulations in this regard.

The good news for airline passengers is that there are no restrictions regarding what drinks can be brought onboard the aircraft, so long as they are not illicit or prohibited substances and they are less than 70% (140 proof) alcohol.

There are limitations regarding quantities of liquids. For example, alcohol between 24% and 70% cannot exceed 5 liters or 1.3 gallons for checked luggage, and it must be transported in sealed retail packaging according to Federal regulations. Alcohol below 24% has no quantity restrictions.

All other liquids are permitted on the plane, including baby food and milk, and even carbonated beverages, provided they are brought in checked luggage. No liquids or drinks other than those that are medically necessary, which include baby milk and food, are permitted in carry-on luggage if they exceed 100ml/3.4oz.

All passengers are allowed to bring drinks onto the flight, regardless of what they are (unless they are illegal substances or more than 70% alcohol), but the beverages are the responsibility of the passenger themselves.

This means that it is important to know that any carbonated drinks stored in checked luggage are likely to rupture during the flight due to the cabin pressure, and all drinks brought onboard count toward each passenger’s luggage weight limit.

This means that while all drinks are permitted, it is critical that you carefully consider what drinks you will bring with you on the plane.

Are The Regulations The Same For Every Flight?

The regulations regarding drinks and liquids brought onto flight are set by an international standard, but the truth is that all airlines are permitted to set their own regulations and rules regarding the luggage and substances that passengers are allowed to bring on board.

There are some airlines that have set regulations in place that surpass the international standard and do not permit any drinks to be brought onboard an aircraft other than what is provided by the airline. The airline company is well within its rights to enforce these rules.

For this reason, it is always a good thing to check the regulations of the particular airline that you are using if you need to bring any drinks along with you to be sure that they will not be confiscated before you board the plane.

Domestic flights are typically less intensely regulated than international flights, and most airlines will enforce the minimum international requirements regarding these regulations for flights that do not cross borders.

With that said, it is still vital to check if your chosen airline will permit you to bring your own drinks onboard, even for a domestic flight. These practices are good to keep regardless of the flight you are taking and the airline you are using.