Do They Celebrate Halloween In Thailand?


Would you like to celebrate Halloween while in Thailand? Thailand has many strange and wonderful festivals and celebrations, so you might wonder if they also celebrate Halloween in this country.

Halloween isn’t a traditional Thai holiday. In fact, many Thai people (especially the older generation) don’t acknowledge or celebrate Halloween since they feel it will upset the spirits. There are Halloween parties in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for those who want to participate in Halloween activities.

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Is Halloween An Official Holiday In Thailand?

Halloween is not an official holiday in Thailand. On October 31st, most Thai people dress like any other day, go to work or school, and then go home. However, some Thai people enjoy Halloween celebrations and dress up for them. This is primarily the younger generations.

Trick-or-treating also isn’t common in Thailand, and children don’t dress up and go out to knock on people’s doors or ask for candy. This is because Thai people have a strong spiritual connection with their ancestors, and they believe that doing these things may upset the spirits and bring bad fortune.

Do Thai People Celebrate Halloween?

Although many people don’t participate in Halloween celebrations, some enjoy the festivities. These people are mostly part of the younger generations and enjoy dressing up in costumes and having a party to celebrate Halloween. Young, working adults or students often attend Halloween parties and dress up in elaborate costumes.

Thai office workers dressed up for Halloween
Uwe Schwarzbach Thai office workers dressed up for Halloween

There are some Halloween parties in Thailand, and you may also see cafés and restaurants decorated according to the theme of Halloween. Cafés and restaurants in big cities or those that cater to foreigners are often more invested in Halloween decorations than in smaller areas with few tourists.

Why Don’t Thai People Celebrate Halloween?

For the most part, Thai people don’t really participate in Halloween celebrations. Thai people have a strong ancestral culture and believe their ancestors should be honored and respected. Since Halloween isn’t a traditional Thai holiday, many Thai people fear that celebrating Halloween may cause upset among the spirits.

Therefore, Thai people don’t celebrate Halloween, and some don’t approve of others celebrating it either. For the most part, however, Thai people are accepting of the traditions of others. They won’t judge foreigners for choosing to celebrate Halloween, but they might object to other Thai people doing so.

Are There Halloween Celebrations In Thailand?

Despite Halloween not being a recognized holiday in Thailand, there are still some Halloween celebrations in the country. Some Thai people like dressing up and having a party, and others see Halloween as a business opportunity and time to make money.

Therefore, you can find several Halloween parties in the bigger cities in Thailand. In addition, some bars and clubs host elaborate Halloween parties and invite guest performers and DJs to entertain guests.

You can find cafés serving Halloween-inspired drinks and desserts. In contrast, some supermarkets sell Halloween-themed things to tourists and others who want to celebrate Halloween.

Where Can You Find Halloween Celebrations In Thailand?

Several locations host yearly Halloween celebrations. The biggest Halloween parties occur in Bangkok, but Chiang Mai also hosts some excellent Halloween parties for those residing in Northern Thailand. If you are in Bangkok, you can attend a Halloween party at one of these locations:

  • Central World
  • Central Ladprao
  • Central Bangna
  • Dream World
  • Khao San Road

Furthermore, you can find information about Halloween parties on social media or at the local information center. Some Halloween parties require bookings, so be sure to find out what you need to attend your chosen Halloween bash.

Is There A Thai Version Of Halloween?

Thailand has a ghost festival known as “Bun Luang.” Although the purpose of Bun Luang has nothing in common with Halloween, there is a parade during the festival where people dress up in colorful costumes and wear ghost masks. In a sense, Bun Luang is the same idea of dressing up as Halloween.

Phi ta khon festival in Loei Thailand
Yay Phi ta khon at Bun Luang festival in Loei, Thailand

The Bun Luang festival is held in Loei, a Northeastern province in Thailand. The festival takes place after the last full moon on the sixth month of the lunar calendar (usually around July). The festival is three days long and the Phi Ta Khon parade, during which people dress up as ghosts, takes place on the second day.

The Bun Luang festival is part of Buddhist traditions. It tells the tale of Buddha’s ten former incarnations, as depicted in the Vessantara Jakata. The Bun Luang festival is dedicated to Buddha and honors the Buddhist faith.

What Spiritual Traditions Do The Thai Have?

Thai people have many spiritual traditions, including the Bun Luang festival. Thai people believe that the ancestors guide you from the spirit realm and that you should honor your ancestors and give them offerings in return for their good fortune.

You’ll often see tiny houses in front of buildings and businesses. While these houses may look like garden decorations, they are actually called spirit houses. Thai people often leave food or other offerings in these houses for the spirits. They believe that the spirits will grant them good fortune in return.

Giving offerings to the spirits is also a part of the Buddhist faith, and Buddhism places a lot of emphasis on filial piety. Therefore, Thai people often take time to honor their ancestors and uphold their Buddhist traditions.

Is It Okay To Celebrate Halloween In Thailand?

Although Thai people generally don’t celebrate Halloween, they tolerate other cultures and religions. So if tourists and foreigners choose to celebrate Halloween, the Thai people won’t object to it or cause you any trouble.

Thai people may not acknowledge Halloween as a holiday, but they understand that other cultures have different festivals and beliefs. In addition to being tolerant of other cultures, some Thai people celebrate Halloween. They like to dress up and attend Halloween parties.

So, if you find yourself in Thailand during Halloween, don’t be afraid to buy a costume and head to one of the many Halloween parties in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Do The Thai People Attend Halloween Celebrations?

Thai people traditionally don’t celebrate Halloween. It isn’t a Thai festival, and many feel that participating in Halloween may upset the ancestors and spirits, which can lead to bad fortune. Hence, the older generation won’t celebrate Halloween.

As for the younger generation, they sometimes choose to attend Halloween celebrations. However, when Thai people attend Halloween celebrations, it has less to do with them choosing to celebrate Halloween and more with them wanting to attend a party and dress up in a funny costume.

So don’t be surprised when you attend a Halloween party in Bangkok and find that there are many Thai people. People in the cities like attending parties and mixing with tourists, and what’s a better place to do so than at a party?

Can You Find Pumpkins For Halloween In Thailand?

If you’re from America, you’ll know that one of the essential things needed for the Halloween mood is jack-o-lanterns. But can you find pumpkins for carving lanterns in Thailand?

Girl with spider and Jack O pumpkin
SORAPOP UDOMSRI Girl with spider and Jack O pumpkin

Unfortunately, Thailand doesn’t have a big pumpkin industry. The pumpkins you find in Thailand will also be too small for carving. However, this doesn’t stop you from having pumpkin decorations in your yard and home.

Most Thai people use inflatable pumpkins with lights inside. This is an excellent alternative to real pumpkins and leads to less food waste. Although you may not be able to carve your own jack-o-lantern, you won’t have to spend your Halloween without them.