Can You Bring A Football On A Plane? (through TSA)

credit: Yay

Whether you’re a professional football player or love the sport and would like to take your own ball on trips, you might wonder if airlines allow you to fly with it. It can be an uncomfortable item and bulky, so can you bring a football on a plane?

You can bring a football on a plane as the TSA and airlines permit passengers to carry sports equipment onboard. The football can be stowed in carry-on luggage if it fits inside or in the checked-in baggage. It can also be in a loose bag for storage in the overhead compartment.

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Can You Bring A Football On A Plane?

Bringing a football on a plane is allowed. It can be deflated or inflated, but reduced is preferable since the ball size may increase more due to the pressure change.

If you don’t feel like inflating the ball when landing, you can release some pressure from the ball so it won’t grow and explode.

Should The Football Be Inflated Or Deflated?

To be able to take a football on a plane, you’ll have to deflate it to take it as a carry-on since the pressure changes while in the sky. A fully inflated ball can burst due to the pressure change, so it may be better to deflate it before packing it in carry-on luggage to avoid that.

Deflating the ball will also give you much more space in your luggage. The chance of the ball exploding is low but still a risk. For example, the super 15 rugby teams never deflate the official rugby balls while traveling, but they are never inflated to the maximum pressure.

Can You Pack A Football In Checked Luggage?

According to the TSA, they permit travelers to carry sports gear like footballs on a plane in checked luggage. You aren’t limited to one ball only. You can pack two or more if wanted. The size of the ball is not an issue if it fits perfectly into your suitcase.

If your checked bag can’t close because your football is too large, you can fully or even somewhat deflate the ball and then pack it. That would save you space and ensure your ball doesn’t pop with airport baggage staff’s rough handling of checked bags.

Can You Take A Football In Your Hand Luggage?

Taking a football in hand luggage is permitted, and if you have more than one ball that fits into your carry-on bag, you will be allowed to take them. A football does not need not be deflated unless it’s too large for your carry-on suitcase.

Getting a duffle bag to use as hand luggage instead of a small suitcase is a better option for carrying sports gear like footballs as it allows for more space.

Ensure that the luggage you put your football in fits the proportions of the overhead cabin and does not surpass the weight they allow for a carry-on suitcase.

Will An Inflated Football Explode On A Plane?

Many people may wonder if an inflated ball can burst on a plane. Unfortunately, due to the pressure change, there is always a possibility that your football can pop in flight.

Nevertheless, it is not likely that your football will burst since it can take a lot of air pressure inside before they explode. If you are afraid of your football bursting, deflating your ball fully or slightly may ease the stress.